Indoor Pool at Knoxville Fitness Center Ignores the Weather

Knoxville’s weather won’t matter with the heated indoor pool at the National Fitness Center in Knoxville. Never mind the scorching sun or the icy cold, you can still swim laps, take swimming lessons or participate in aquafit classes regardless of the climate.

Swimming is a great low impact exercise that is good for all ages, and it increases your heart rate, improves your breathing and strengthens your muscles. A dip in the pool gives you a weightless feeling that eliminates joint pressure.

Whatever your style – freestyle, backstroke or dog paddle, our junior-Olympic sized pool can accommodate everyone. Enjoy our relaxing hot tub, too!

Every time of year is good for water sports at the our Knoxville gym.
Call (865) 687-6066 for more information about swimming and aquafit classes.