Realize Mind and Body Fitness with Pilates and Yoga in Knoxville

Strengthen your mind and relax your body at the National Fitness Center in Knoxville. Our private Mind and Body Studio offers Yoga and Pilates, low impact methods of exercise that enhance relaxation, strength, balance, flexibility and posture.

  • Pilates emphasizes core muscles such as those in your abdomen, back and thighs.
  • Yoga highlights breath control, meditation and postures

For the ultimate in relaxation, our gym also offers additional amenities guaranteed to soothe your mind and body. The hydromassage bed sends waves of water pulsing up and down your back to ease tense, stiff muscles and eliminate soreness – or bask in the warmth of our dry sauna.

Find out more about our Mind and Body Studio at Knoxville’s National Fitness Center on Tazewell Pike, or call (865) 687-6066 today to schedule your relaxing hydromassage session.